Frequently Asked Questions

What is your cancellation policy?

Please give us at least 48 hours if you need to cancel your guide trip.

Do I need to leave a deposit for my guide trip?

We usually don’t take deposits for guide trips and usually don’t charge people until they go.  However, if you book a trip on short notice within 48 hours, we will charge you at the time of your booking.  We do charge a 50% non-refundable deposit for group trips that require 3 guides or more.

Can I get a fishing license at the shop?

Like many shops now, we don’t sell fishing licenses.  Fishing licenses have been available online for many years from Colorado Parks and Wildlife.  Please purchase your license online before your guided trip.  You can screenshot the confirmation at the end of the process or save the e-mail from CPW as verification.  If absolutely necessary we can help you buy online the day of your trip in the shop, but the process does require a fair amount of your personal information, so you can keep that private (and save a lot of time getting to the water) by purchasing yourself online.

Do I need to carry my license with me?

We are required to verify that you have your fishing license before you head out with your guide, and you should keep your license or proof of license with you on paper or on your phone in case you are checked by a CPW officer.

Should I bring my own gear?

We do include any/ all needed gear on guided trips.  If you want to bring your own rod/waders, etc, you are welcome to.  If you are going on a float trip, please minimize extra gear due to limited space.  And you won’t need to bring your fishing vest on a float trip since life jackets are required.

Should I bring lunch?

Soft drinks and water are supplied on all guide trips.  Please bring your own lunch or snacks if you are fishing for more than a half day.  If you want to have the guide pick up lunch for you, we can add lunch to any of our guided trips for $20 per person.

What happens if it rains?

Rain often makes for good fishing, and we don’t cancel guided trips because of rain unless it is severe and hazardous.

We are fortunate to have good fishing in our valley at almost any time.  There are underbooked times of the year (and day) that offer fabulous fishing–such as the shoulder spring and fall seasons.  Evening trips during the summer can be great as well for those who love fishing as much as going out for dinner.


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