Colorado River Report

Colorado River Report
May 5, 2022 manager
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Colorado River –

Flow: 2,660 cfs/Glenwood Springs

Conditions: Spring is here! Rising flows with poor water clarity — but the caddis hatch is in full swing now. The fish have had time to adjust to the water clarity and are having no problems finding caddis through the stained water if you know where and when to look. I’m not saying the fishing is good by any means but that it can certainly be possible to catch a trout. I find that the dry fly fishing is often more fruitful during this odd transitional time of year. The low lying snow has been melting fast recently. Cold bouts of weather often help clear the river while heat waves melt higher elevation snow. When clear enough to fish, the bite has been pretty decent — Do yourself a favor and put away that bobber/jig rig during hatches to experience the Colorado at its best! When fish aren’t rising, junk-rigs are all fishing well. Think along the lines of stoneflies, worms, and flashy crap. For the go-big or go-home types, streamer fishing is showing signs of life again as the water continues to warm up. Nothing great again but fish can be caught if you want to put forth the effort.

Conditions will be touch and go for a little while – webcams like this one of the river in Glenwood Springs are a great tool to put an eyeball on the river: