Crystal River Report

Crystal River Report
August 6, 2022 manager
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Crystal River –

Flow: 165cfs/Redstone, 86 cfs/Carbondale

Conditions: The Crystal River has been a bit hit-and-miss lately due to our monsoonal rains causing several mudslides below the town of Crystal (below the Crystal Mill) and above Avalanche Creek. The river has cleared considerably the past two days with about 2-3’ft of water visibility. Overall, the best fishing has been taking place above Redstone towards Marble. If you despise the crowds on the Pan and Fork, the local’s choice is the Crystal. These forgiving fish like to eat a well presented fly and rewards anglers with opportunities for the Colorado Trout Slam (catching a cutthroat, brook, rainbow and brown trout). As an added bonus, the Crystal is also one of the last strongholds for Mountain Whitefish in Colorado (Super Slam!). Dry/dropper setups are ideal for the majority of the river. Cover water and practice stealth when approaching these fish. Caddis, PMDs, golden stoneflies and hoppers will be encountered on the Crystal.

Our private waters on the Redstone Preserve and Darian Ranch are fishing at their peak right now! Each is a little bit different from another and we frequently have clients fish them all over the course of their stay. Our wildly popular Crystal Mill outings are back on after recent mudslides prohibited access – and the fishing has been nothing short of sensational up here lately! All dry flies and wild fish!


Dries: Foamulator Yellow, Dry Humper, Mini Chubby Yellow, Stimi ChewToy, PMXs, Foam Elk Hair Caddis, Melon Quill, Flag Dun PMD, Silhouette Dun PMD, Parachute Hopper, Tarantulas, Foam Ant, Flying Ant

Nymphs: French Dips, Perdigons, Rain Drops, Gum Drops, BH Electric Caddis, Breadcrusts, BH Princes, Poxybiot Golden Stone, SanJuan Worm, Tung PTs, Mexican Flag, BH Barr Emerger PMD, Swiss Straw Emerger, Halfback Emerger PMD, Sparklewing RS2, Bubble Up Mayflies

Streamers: P3 Buggers, Thin Mints, Mini Jig Buggers