Colorado River Report

Colorado River Report
June 12, 2021 manager
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Colorado River –

Flow: 5050 cfs/Glenwood Springs

Conditions: Low snowpack and a light runoff has yielded surprisingly clearer and lower water conditions than normal for this time of year. Currently about 2’ ft of water-vis is present with a clear/brown tint. Green drakes should be seen in the next 7-14days! Typical high-water/runoff flies like stoneflies, caddis, green drake nymphs, cranefly larva and streamers are fishing best. Make sure that you’re focusing your efforts in the soft and slow sections of water. Where you find one fish right now, you’ll find many others. Don’t let the rivers size intimidate you – most of the fish are right on the bank! Though we’re finding the fishing relatively easy in the way of fly selection NOW, conditions will change dramatically over the next 2-4 weeks as the river continues to drop in volume. Our flies will likewise also become smaller and the fish will begin to spread out. PMDs are hatching in increasing numbers weekly.


Dries: Chubby Chernobyl, Foamulators, Stimi’s, Foam Hi-Vis Caddis, Renegades, X-Caddis, Sparkledun PMD, PMD Cripple

Nymphs: 20 Inchers, Rubberleg Stones, Cheater Belly Stone, Poxyback Drake, Point Drake, Jiggy Flashwing Princes, Chewy Cranefly, Mop Fly, TB Electric Caddis, Sili-Worms, Perdigons, Cold War Caddis

Streamers: Dungeons, Fire Breathing Dragon, Clousers, Double Bunnies

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