Roaring Fork River Report

Roaring Fork River Report
March 10, 2022 manager
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Roaring Fork River

Flow: 71cfs/Aspen (Jaffe Park), 192cfs Basalt, 338cfs Glenwood Springs

Conditions: The lower river in particular is waking up from winters slumber – ‘Fifth Season’ is finally here! The river has been fishing best during afternoons and evenings once the sun warms it up a bit – no need to get out there too early. Stoneflies and attractor nymphs like 2oInchers, Rubberlegs, Princes, Perdigons, Rainbow Warriors, Worms, Eggs and the like are all catching some fish. Midges will be the dominate hatch for the next month along with sporadic hatches of BWOs. Midge pupa and emerger patterns are especially effective. During heavy emergences ditch your attractor for another midge. Concentrate your efforts on the slow and deep pools and seams – though midday many fish will move into faster water (deeper riffles, top of pools etc.) as midge hatches flourish. Streamer fishing has been slow overall but is showing signs of life again now that we’re on the back end of winter. Dry fly anglers are seeing the bulk of risers during late afternoons and early evenings. Like the Colorado, expect to be fishing more individual midge patterns more so than clusters right now. The truly heavy midge hatches will show up in the next week or two…


Dries: Roy’s Special Emerger, CDC Adult Midge, Griffith Gnats, Trailing Shuck Midge, Sprout Midges, CDC Sparkledun BWO, Purple Haze, Parachute Adams, CDC RS2’s

Nymphs: 20 Inchers, Princes, Rainbow Warriors, Zebra Midges, Two Bit Hooker, BTS Baetis, Pheasant Tail, Micro Mayfly, Sparklewing RS2, Biot Emergers Gray/Black, Perdigon, Frenchie, Jig Rain Drop Olive, Jig Tung Tied Baetis, Buckskin, Disco Midge

Streamers: Sculpilicious, Sculpzilla, Winter Warlock, Sculpinator, Thin Mint, Gongas, Dungeons