Frying Pan River Report

Frying Pan River Report
April 2, 2022 manager
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Frying Pan River

Flow: 48cfs/below Ruedi Reservoir

Conditions: The fishing has certainly been picking up as the days become warmer and longer. The midge hatches are increasing weekly still and risers have been commonplace during the afternoons and early evenings. After a long winter it sure feels good to ditch that silly bobber and actually cast a fly line again! As the valley’s freestone rivers suffer from runoff and become unreliable, the Pan has low and regulated water flows. Light tippets of 6x and 7x are suggested given the small flies and low flows. Midges are the most abundant insect still with sparse hatches of BWO’s. Mysis Shrimp are a mainstay for anglers fishing the top ¼ mile below the dam. Look for the heaviest hatches to take place along the upper eight miles of river from 1-4pm. The middle and lower river are now becoming fishable with the snow receding and the temps warming – a great escape from the crowds at the dam and often better fishing.


Dries: Mole Fly, Trailing Shuck Emerger, Stillborn Midge, CDC Midge Adult, CDC RS2’s, Roys Special Emerger, Flag Dun BWO, CDC Sparkledun BWO

Nymphs: Poxyback Baetis, BTS Baetis, Pheasant Tails, Jujubaetis, Barr Emerger BWO, Zebra Midge, Medallion Midge, RS2’s (black and gray), Biot Midge Emerger, PTs, French Dips, BTS Mysis, Epoxy Mysis, Flashtail Mini Egg

Streamers: Thin Mints, Baby Gonga, Sculpzillas, PSL’s, Jig Mini Bugger, Bubble Guppy