Frying Pan River Fishing Report

Frying Pan River Fishing Report
July 20, 2023 manager
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Flow: 208cfs/below Ruedi Reservoir

Conditions: The water is clear and cold and flowing at ideal levels. Hatches are consisting of PMDs, BWOs and caddis. Green drakes will start up here in the next week or two. Rising fish can be seen nearly all day long – put away that damn nymph rod – this is the Frying Pan! Fishing pressure is exceedingly high and the fish can be very wary, thus tippets of 6x/7x are mandatory. Fishing pressure is at it’s lightest in the evenings after 5pm. Ironically, some the best dry fly fishing takes place in the evenings with fairly reliable rusty spinner falls and room to roam.


Dries: Comparadun Adams, CDC BWO Comparadun, Mole Fly, Roy’s Special Emerger, Almost Dun, Quill Body BWO Parachute, No Hackle BWO, Silhouette Dun PMD, Melon Quills, PMD Flag Dun, PMD Sparkldun, Rusty Spinner, Foam Elk Hair Caddis, Stimis

Nymphs: 2Bit Hooker, PTs, Split Back BWO, Epoxyback Baetis, BTS Baetis, CDC RS2s, Mayhems, Foam Wing RS2, Foam Back Chocolate, Polywings, Medallion Midge, Bling Midge, Miracle Midge, Jiggy Mysis, Split Case PMD, 2Bit PMD, Halfback PMD, Foam Winged PMD Emerger

Streamers: Jig Mini Bugger, Bubble Guppy, Thin Mints, Sculpzillas, PSLs