Roaring Fork River Fishing Report

Roaring Fork River Fishing Report
July 21, 2023 manager
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Roaring Fork River

Flow: 548Aspen (Jaffe Park), 973cfs/Basalt, 2,030cfs/Glenwood Springs

Conditions: The main wave of grandis green drakes (#10-12) are now along the upper river from Basalt to Aspen. Lighter hatches of the smaller (#12) coloradensis and doddsi green drakes are hatching below Basalt. PMDs and caddis can be found throughout the system. Yellow sally stoneflies are also of importance especially along the lower river. The river has come down pretty dramatically over the past two weeks. Floating anglers are again catching fish on-the-go and wading anglers now have an abundance of soft water at their disposal. Chubby/dropper/dropper or nymphing has been solid during the mornings and afternoons with the best dry fly fishing occuring during the last hour of light for evening ‘lightning rounds’. The streamer bite has generally been limited to the morning hours. Feel free to give us a call for daily river conditions at 970.963.5741


Dries: H&L Variant, Royal Wulff, Para Drakes, Drake Cripples, Drake Sparkledun, Renegades, Caddis Variant Ginger, Stimi’s, Foam Elk Hair Caddis, Chubby Chernobyl Gold/Olive

Nymphs: 20Inchers, Rubberleg Stones, Zirdles, Tactical Turds, BH Electric Caddis, Puparazzi, HE-Mans, FKA Prince, Dick Teasers, GuidesChoice HE, PMD Mayhems, Rainbow Warriors, Duracells, Perdigons, Bullets, Soft Hackle PT

Streamers: Goldies, Rusty Trombones, Sculpilicious, Sculpzilla, Mini Dungeons, Beldar Buggers, Thin Mints