Roaring Fork River Report

Roaring Fork River Report
April 12, 2023 manager
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Roaring Fork River

Flow: N/A ice/Aspen (Jaffe Park), 421cfs/Basalt, 991cfs/Glenwood Springs

Conditions: Our famous ‘Fifth-Season’ is well underway. In fact, warm weather and a big snowpack has made the river discolored the past few days with low-lying snowmelt. This trend of cool weather giving us fishing windows and warm weather giving us muddy conditions will continue for the next several weeks. BWO hatches can be encountered on any given day with the best numbers being seen during the usual overcast days. Midges are still a focal point along the upper river especially. Junk-rigs are best for the stained or muddy water. Think along the lines of stoneflies, caddis larva, worms and eggs fished in shallow/moderate depths. If the river is green/clear we tend to be fishing more hatch-matching insects like baetis and midges. It’s hard to believe but Caddis will be hatching soon along the lower river as water temps climb into the 50s.


Dries: Polywing Midge Adult, Stillborn Midge, Trailing Shuck Midge, Zelon Midge, Comparadun Adams, CDC BWO Comparadun, Para Roy’s Special Emerger, Almost Dun, Quill Body BWO Parachute, Silhouette Dun BWO

Nymphs: 20Inchers, Rubberlegs, Zirdles, Tactical Turds, Worms, Flashtail Mini Eggs, BH Electric Caddis, Puparazzi, HE-Mans, FKA Prince, Dick Teasers, Euroflashes, Batwing BWO, Macgrubers, Split Back BWO, Sparklewing RS2s, Mayhems, Foam Wing RS2, BH Polywings, Rainbow Warriors, Duracells, Mops, Worm Farm

Streamers: Sculpilicious, Sculpzilla, Mini Dungeons, Sparkle Minnows, Beldar Buggers,